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On Wall Street, most still expect bonuses

Protesters are occupying Wall Street and points beyond, and many investors may be looking sadly at their most recent statements after a couple of erratic months in the markets.

But a new survey finds that most Wall Street professionals are still expecting their bonuses to be the same or higher than last year.

The survey of nearly 1,100 Wall Street professionals, conducted in the last few weeks by the jobs website eFinancial Careers, found that about six in 10 financial services professionals expect their bonus will be the same or higher than last year.

That is down slightly from 2010, when seven in 10 expected their bonus would be on par with or fatter than the year previous.

Still, almost everyone surveyed was expecting some sort of bonus, even if it’s a bit lower than last year. Only 8 percent said they weren’t expecting any bonus this year.

Many investors and everyday Americans have grown frustrated with sluggish economic growth, persistently high unemployment and topsy-turvy financial markets.

Wall Street has not been completely immune to those hard times, but the eFinancialCareers noted that the bonus culture remains intact.

“Even amid an atmosphere of slower recruitment activity and targeted layoffs, Wall Street will continue to be a pay-for-performance culture,” the report said.