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Wolfgang Puck calls out Starbucks for 'terrible coffee'

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Wolfgang Puck isn't evidently a fan of Starbucks coffee.


By msnbc.com staff

First McDonald’s, then Dunkin’ Donuts. Now Starbucks has to feel the wrath of celebrity chef and restaurateur Wolfgang Puck, who calls the coffee giant’s brew “terrible.”

Perhaps not coincidentally, Puck did so during a Houston press junket to promote his own line of bottled iced coffee. He told Culturemap Houston his company had been working “about a year-and-a-half to get the flavors right.” Then he accused Starbucks of a Jedi mind trick.

"Starbucks, what they make, if you open a bottle and smell it, what did they do to the coffee?" Puck said. "They created a taste in the memory for people, which is interesting, so that people really think it's good coffee … But it's terrible coffee!”

Thanks to Eater for pointing it out.

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