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Wal-Mart, Amazon.com push for more 'rage-free' packaging

Matt Cardy / Getty Images

An Amazon.com fulfilment center.

Amazon.com and Wal-Mart are pushing more manufacturers to change their packaging to cut waste and ease shoppers’ “wrap rage” — the frustration felt when a product is difficult to open, Bloomberg News reports.

The nation’s largest online store and the world’s biggest retailer are asking large vendors like Procter & Gamble and headset maker Plantronics to do away with unnecessary and cumbersome packing materials, the report said.

Such awkward packaging includes hard plastic clamshell casings that enclose electronics and wire ties used to secure toys to cardboard backings, Bloomberg reported.

“We’ve gotten e-mails from customers who’ve purchased scissors in a clamshell, which would require another pair of scissors to open the package,” Nadia Shouraboura, Amazon’s vice president of global fulfillment, told Bloomberg in an interview.

Citing data from the Environmental Protection Agency, the story also notes that “as much as a third of all consumer trash sent to landfills is estimated to be packaging,” amounting to “more than 800 pounds of packaging waste each year per U.S. consumer.”

“The problem becomes especially acute during the holidays,” Bloomberg added, pointing to EPA data that shows from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, household waste in the U.S. increases by 25 percent.

Amazon launched its “Frustration-Free Packaging” initiative in 2008.

Made a recent purchase that was mind-numbingly tough to open? What was it?