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New York University to offer classes on Occupy Wall Street movement

Mary Altaffer / AP

Demonstrators affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement march through the streets of the financial district in New York.

New York University plans to offer two classes covering the Occupy Wall Street movement next semester, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.

A for-credit undergraduate class, offered through the university’s Department of Social and Cultural Analysis, will examine economy and culture and will be called “Why Occupy Wall Street? The History and Politics of Debt and Finance,” according to the Journal. Another graduate-level seminar on the demonstration will also be offered next semester, the report said.

“The Occupy Wall Street demonstrations are catching on across the United states, linking to popular discontent with economic inequality and financial greed and malfeasance around the globe,” the paper reported, citing a flyer for the undergraduate class. “This course is designed to provide a background for these momentous events.”

The Journal says the undergraduate class will bring in guest speakers from Occupy Wall Street to “offer the broad view of the meaning and impact of the movement.”