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Wal-Mart moves greeters, but not too far from front door

By msnbc.com staff

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Bloomberg reports this week that Wal-Mart is moving its greeters away from the lobbies of its stores. But, don’t fret, it’s not the end of the "Hello" as you enter your next SuperCenter.

The greeters will simply be setting up shop about 10 feet inside the stores, where they can help more customers.

“They’re still greeting customers, that’s what they are there for. As customers enter they will still have to pass by,” company spokesperson Ashley Hardie said.

The move will allow greeters to take more questions from customers already in the store and direct shoppers to shorter checkout lines if they’re available.

Wal-Mart started using greeters in the early 1980s after company founder Sam Walton encountered one in a Louisiana store and decided to the whole chain needed more hospitality.

In light of their new responsibilities, greeters will no longer be required to corral carts or mark returned merchandise as customers enter the store, Hardie said.

The company stopped using overnight greeters in stores open late last year.