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1st quarter: Live-blogging the Super Bowl ads

Update: Scroll down to the bottom of the post to vote for your favorite ad.

Update: That's the end of the first quarter. We'll get a vote together.

Update: It's 60 and sunny where I am, so these Coke polar bears definitely feel out of season. ... This Chevy Silverado pickup ad gets in a nice shot at Ford as the post-apocalyptic dudes share some Twinkies. Maybe they can wash it down with Bud Light Platinum.

Update: The Giants are dominating early. Cheers them with another Bud Light Platinum? I'm already tired of that new bottle. ... There's that new brown M&M. I'm not eating that thing. ... This Best Buy ad is pretty cool. Nice nod to the Alec Baldwin Words with Friends airplane controversy.

Update: All hail! Elton John's chugging Pepsi while sitting in judgment of reality-esque singers. Flavor Flav gets a laugh here. 

Update: And here come the first ads following the kickoff and Giants' opening drive and punt. Bud Light gets it started with a fancy blue bottle for its Platinum beer. Yum? ... There's that Audi #SoLongVampires ad. Have we had enough of vampires yet or does that still work for you?

Update: The Patriots just won the coin toss. Woo!? Hyundai folks are singing the theme from "Rocky." We'll call that a car ad, even though there hasn't been a kickoff yet. 

Quick! Get your face out of the Cheetos bowl. We're off and running with Super Bowl XLVI and the battle for advertising supremacy. Remember to visit us on Facebook to cheer or heckle what you see along the way. Also, look for a vote in these posts at the end of each quarter. And after the game we'll recap it all and let you crown a commercial champion.

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