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2nd quarter: Live-blogging the Super Bowl ads

Update: Patriots get a touchdown before the half and lead 10-9. Scroll down to the bottom to vote for your favorite ad from the second quarter.

Update: Slingshot baby! Well played, Doritos. ... This must be babytime because here are the E*Trade kids. You guys still likes these talking babies after all these years?

Update: That's not David Beckham! "Give and you shall receive," Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima tells us in a Teleflora ad for Valentine's Day. ... And that's followed by Mr. Quiggly beating the greyhounds to the finish line in his little red Skechers. Let's rewind that Teleflora ad.

Update: I love this Chevy Sonic ad featuring Rob Dyrdek, the pro skateboarder who had his own show on MTV for a while, "Rob and Big." It's the Super Bowl -- go big on the stunts, I say. Do you have a favorite car ad so far? Tell us over on Facebook.

Update: David Beckham in his skivvies for H&M. How will that not be a hit with the ladies?

Update: Here we go with Volkswagen Beetle, an early favorite for ad of the night. That overweight dog just has to get through the doggie door so he can chase the new Beetle. We love it. But we're not sure why it cuts back to the Star Wars cantina. It's just an odd segue. ... Those Coke polar bears are playing football. I'm sure my 5-year-old would love the look of these.

Update: I can barely sit through this ad for TaxAxct.com where the little kid has to pee. Must. Get. Bathroom. Break. Remember, we're discussing all of this over on Facebook.

Update: I love this Camaro ad where the new grad receives what he thinks is a new car from his parents. Apparently he didn't know that micro-fridge was stocked with Bud Light Platinum.  ... Budweiser, Clydesdales in harness, recalled the halcyon days when Prohibition was repealed. For without beer, there could be no Super Bowl. ... Doritos finally weighs in with a man striking a deal with his cat-assaulting dog to keep his mouth shut on who was responsible for Fluffy’s disappearance in exchange for a bag of nacho-cheesy goodness. Dumb guys -- yet another Super staple.

The 2nd quarter is under way here in Super Bowl XLVI and the Giants are leading 9-3. Remember to go back and vote on the first quarter post for the best ad from those first 15 minutes. We liked the Best Buy ad and and Chevy's Silverado ad was pretty good, too.

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