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Halftime: Live-blogging the Super Bowl ads

Update: Scroll down to the bottom to vote for your favorite halftime ad.

Update: Clint Eastwood brings the first goosebumps of the night. Can't beat that voice. Can't beat the message about bringing America back in the "second half." Last year, Eminem sold us on the pride of Detroit. This year it's Clint.

Update: If you haven't heard yet, "The Voice" is coming back. This ad got some laughs for bringing back the ever-popular Betty White. We miss those Snickers days already.

Update: LMFAO got a little taste of the halftime spotlight. Here they are in a Bud Light ad before that:

Update: Strike a pose everybody, here comes Madonna. Feel free to talk about the Material Girl's performance on Facebook. ... And check out this Toyota "Life Stories" ad, along with Will Arnett pushing Hulu Plus:

We've made it through two quarters of football and a bunch of car and beer ads. You can go back to the first and second quarter posts and vote for your favorites of the first half. I like Chevy's new grad Camaro ad best so far. It's not overproduced, it's funny and no babies talk in it. And I like it because picking Adriana Lima's Valentine's Day ad just seemed too predictable.

We'll stick around here and keep an eye on the ads they use around Madonna's performance.

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