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3rd quarter: Live-blogging the Super Bowl ads

Update: What was your favorite third quarter ad? Scroll down to the bottom to vote.

Update: Budwesier is back with a decade-by-decade history trip. I like this one. It might be the best of the beer ads so far tonight.

Update: Yes! It's Jerry Seinfeld in all his glory trying to get his hands on the keys to the first Acura NSX. Does Jerry still hold up? We think so. 

Update: I need a new couch. Thanks, Toyota, for this Camry reinvention ad. ... More polar bears ... John Stamos doesn't want to share his Oikos Greek yogurt. And he pays for it with a headbutt that looked like something out of that last Giants drive.

Update: I knew I should have paid attention in my Italian language class in the 8th grade. That's not Adriana Lima, and that doesn't matter. I liked this Fiat 500 ad when I saw it earlier this week. I still do. ... Oh, the good old Coke delivery guy buying Pepsi on the sly, and there's Regis. Not bad.

Update: Patriots get another touchdown to go up 17-9. I'm still thinking about that little kid in the pool. I haven't left my desk in two hours.

We're back for the second half of football and the final stretch of ads. We watched that Madonna performance, but Clint Eastwood stole the show with an ad just before the end of halftime. Make sure you get on over to Facebook to talk about Clint and everything else.

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