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4th quarter: Live-blogging the Super Bowl ads

Update: Were the fourth-quarter ads as exciting as the game? Scroll to the bottom to vote.

Update: That's the game. Eli Manning got the job done and Tom Brady couldn't work one final miracle. Giants 21, Patriots 17. Stick around. We'll do a vote on the ads in this 4th quarter post and then recap the entire game's worth of commercials.

Update: Two-minute warning. The Giants are driving like this Cadillac ad. ... Does Danica Patrick still work in the Go Daddy ads? On a night when Adriana Lima is selling everything from flowers to Kias, we'd rather see Patrick behind the wheel of something.

Update: A phone! With a pen! Or is it a tablet? Not sure, but Samsung frees the hipsters stuck in a line waiting for the next big thing (from some other phone or tablet maker) with its Galaxy Note.

Update: Adriana Lima is getting a lot of work tonight. This KIA ad featuring a guy's dream -- juiced by a little extra gold dust from Mr. Sandman -- taps into all the necessary male cliches: Racecar driver, supermodel, Motley Crue and giant sandwich requiring loggers to saw it in half. ... And speaking of all of that -- monkeys! 

Update: Here Weego! Bud Light makes up for that Platinum bottle with a cool dog ad built around their usual premise of having dogs serve people beer at parties. Weego is going to give Mr. Quiggly a run, we think.

Remember to vote: Scroll to the bottom of this post for links back to the previous quarters. All of those posts have votes.

Update: Finally. We were just wondering where Ferris Bueller was. This ad easily stole the week-before-the-game hype contest. It clocked in much longer in previously reviewed versions. A close game makes it look like a smart buy for Honda in the 4th quarter ad gamble.

OK, one quarter of football left to play. By my estimation the race for ad of the night so far has to be between Jerry Seinfeld with Acura, Camaro's new grad, Clint Eastwood for Detroit pride and the Volkswagen chubby dog. Tell us what we're missing on Facebook.

The NFL evolution ad that aired just before the 4th quarter opened is really well done. Cool vintage footage.

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