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Vote for your favorite Super Bowl ad


Don't be sad, puppy. Your Volkswagen ad may make you a star.

There's no question that the Giants and the Patriots played some exciting football Sunday night, but what about the ads?

Did you like the nostalgia of seeing Jerry Seinfeld's and the Soup Nazi's return, and Matthew Broderick echoing Ferris Bueller?

Or did you prefer the more serious message Clint Eastwood had in his halftime ad for Chrysler?

And which dog did you like best?

Vote for your favorite ad here, and tell us what you loved — and hated — on our Facebook page.

And if you've forgotten which ad was which already, check out our top selections below the vote. You can see how everyone else voted below the videos.


Live-blogging the Super Bowl ads



Tell us about your favorite ad on our Facebook page.