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Women who want to outearn men on Wall Street should start shining shoes

Women on Wall Street who want to outearn their male counterparts should start shining shoes, according to a report.

Bloomberg News has crunched census data and found that female personal care and service workers -- including butlers, valets, house sitters and shoe shiners -- made $1.02 for every $1 that their male counterparts earned in 2010.

The job category was the only one of 265 major occupations where the median female salary exceeded the amount paid to men, according to Bloomberg.

The six job categories with the biggest gender gap were in the financial sector, including insurance agents, managers, clerks, securities sales agents, personal advisers and other specialists, according to the report.

Even women with advanced degrees were unable to achieve parity with their male counterparts. According to the article, women doctors made 63 cents for every $1 earned by male physicians and surgeons, while female chief executives earned 74 cents for every $1 made by their male counterparts.

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