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McDonald's takes diners under the bun at burger photo shoot

UPDATED 7 p.m. EDT: What, you think David Beckham really looks like that when he wakes up too?

“My (insert fast food favorite) never looks like it does in the ad” has almost achieved cat status on the Internet. McDonald’s Canada either has found a nice way to jump on the bandwagon or actually is a company that believes in corporate transparency. Or some combination of the two.

In the video below, Hope Bagozzi, director of marketing for McDonald’s Canada, walks through a hamburger photo shoot. Aside from her repeated awesome pronunciation of “about” (full disclosure: we love Canadians), the video is notable for its complete demystification of the process -- from the ... er ... fluffing of pickles to the Photoshopping of bun imperfections at the end.

The two-day-old video has more than 2 million views on YouTube, so obviously people care (or are hungry). It was a response to a question submitted to the few-weeks-old "Our Food" section on McDonald's Canada's web site. Also pretty cool is the president of the company answering "Why is the food at McDonald's so cheap?" We're still waiting on their reply to "What is in the sauce that is on the Big Mac?"

Sorry Yanks, due to differences in the menus on different sides of the border, Americans can't ask.

As for McDonalds U.S., "That is solely a McDonald's Canada effort. There are no (similar) plans on our end," for a video, Julie Pottebaum of McDonald's U.S. said.

Thanks to ViralViralVideos for pointing it out. 

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