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Listing of the week: Keeping cool in an Arizona cave


A decorative door leads into the back entrance of a man-made cave home in Bisbee, Arizona.

 3204 West Highway 80, Bisbee, Arizona

For sale: $1.5 million

When Randy and Cathy Clark were first touring their new 37-acre parcel in Bisbee, Ariz., they heard a blasting sound. Curious, they went up the road to investigate.

"We met our neighbor, a Swedish mining engineer, who was blasting into the side of the mountain," explained Cathy Clark."It was a happy accident that he happened to be building a cave at the same time that we were moving in."

The neighbor took a look at the rock formation on the Clarks' property and determined that it would work for a cave home.

"The blasting took a year-and-a-half," Clark said. "And the finishes took 15 years, so we built a guest house in the meantime."

The years of carving and building gave way to a cave home that is filled with custom finishes and touches. But this isn't rustic living, notes Clark.

"It's very comfortable, and it feels very normal (to live in a cave)," she said. "I don't know if that goes back to some ancestral DNA."

One of the best features of the property, says listing agent Jean Noreen, is the oasis-like quality of the land.

Not only does the property have a spring, but it naturally fills several pools and the Clarks have built patios and stairs throughout to provide access. A hot tub is even built into the stone to mimic the natural pools.

"It's like your own national park," Noreen said.

The cave home measures 2,980 square feet with three bedrooms — one of which is a loft — and three bathrooms. High ceilings, a gourmet kitchen and natural light at the front and back keep the home from ever feeling dank or prehistoric.

And of course, like any cave home, the temperature remains consistent all year round.

According to Zillow's mortgage calculator, a monthly payment on the home would be $5,314, assuming a 20 percent down payment on a 30-year mortgage.


The cave home is built right into the side of the mountain.


A front sunroom lets in plenty of natural light to the cave.


Stone walls surround the custom kitchen.


A few of the best features of the home are the natural pools throughout the property.

3204 W Highway 80, Bisbee AZ
For sale: $1.5 million
Years of carving and building gave way to a cave home that is filled with custom finishes and touches.


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